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Estate Planning

Living Trusts/Wills

Clarity and peace of mind are the best gifts you can leave to your loved ones. At Expert Legal Solutions, we help families with the preparation of proactive estate planning to spare your loved ones from delay and expense of probate. Your beneficiaries are able to receive the assets you gift to them without undue delay. Our Living Trust can be amended or revoked at any time. Our quality Living Trust package will be yours without the high cost of attorney fees or the pressure of investment sales.

​Our professionals at Expert Legal Solutions will also assist you in the preparation of your will to ensure that your personal belongings go to your family, and/or a charity of your choice. We will also assist in the preparation of your financial power of attorney according to the legal requirements of the court, to be certain that your loved ones can make important financial decisions (banking transactions, sale of the property, etc.) on your behalf if you are incapable to do so. Our experts will also assist in drafting a medical power of attorney with specifics as to what you desire to relieve the emotional pressure and responsibility from your loved one’s shoulders. Start your estate planning today!

Save on the Cost of Hiring an Attorney by Using Expert Legal Solutions

At Expert Legal Solutions, we can prepare your documents at a fraction of the cost that lawyers charge. Hiring Expert Legal Solutions will save you money!

Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Living Trusts/ Amendments​

  • Wills

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Directives

If you have questions on other estate planning services, call Expert Legal Solutions today. (818) 296-9600

Save Time and Money with Expert Legal Solutions

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